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As the days begin to warm The sun lingers longer on both horizons Warmth can actually be felt, not just perceived As spring aproaches, we stir, alive

Oh, orange orb in the sky Penetrate the air, burn my eye You are the savior The harbinger of many miles

Creeping now, it begins to warm I move slowly Stretching Trying to shake the hideous slumber of hibernation

Mmmmmm. The rays caress my skin The breeze blows Billowing, soothing I pull my ride from its hanger Spinning the wheel

Click, click, click, click, click, click The sweet sound of Campy Dialed and not to be rivaled Rising, rising

The machine feels light against the weighted burden of winter skies Stretching the gloves of apparel over my plush body renews the ritual Finally helmeted, I swing my leg over the saddle I feel the familiar surge

Rolling now Click,click Iím in!

Zoom The rush of cool air swarms my senses Iím ecstatic, the movement welcomed Drawing a deep breath of air scented with new blossoms

I spin Spin Moving faster Then slower, slowly, slowly cresting

Cresting the hill I can see forever Woooooooooo. Swoooooooosh! Descending fast, exhilerated Legs spinning like a locomotive

Time is still The sights blurred My senses purred My legs burned

Sweeping the corner at Elm and Main Coasting into my garage Returning my bike to its resting place I resign to a few more weeks of winter.

B. Beilschmidt